LinkDump W42/2019

Free Apps for the smartphone (DE) This article shows alternatives for the standard apps of the manufacturers. All proposed options are apps from the F-Droid Software-Store, i.e. Free Software according to the GPL. The applications are divided into categories so that you can quickly find the app you are looking for. A Manifesto for the […]

LinkDump W36/2019

Free Software Business Models Article in Linux Magazin by Björn Schiessle and Matthias Kirschner about challenges for free software business models. Read it here (DE) Big Brother Awards 2019 Press release about the big brother awards 2019 in Switzerland (DE) Microsoft Office 365 Schools in the central German state of Hesse have been have […]

Richard Stallman@ETH Zürich am 14. Mai.

Richard Stallman besucht die ETH Zürich am 14. Mai. Der Vortrag steht unter dem Titel “Free Software: Ethics and freedom in a digital age”. Die Teilnehmenden darüber informiert, was jeder selber tun kann (“hands-on”), um die Verbreitung der Four Freedoms of Software (run, study, redistribute, modify) zu unterstützen. RMS wird diese Four Freedoms auch gut […]